Hytera DMR Trunking Lite

Hytera DMR trunking lite is a digital trunking system, which is based on ETSI open standard and focuses on transportation, energy resource, public utilities, enterprise &business, etc.

With high integrate design, Hytera DMR Trunking Lite is provided with special features such as simple to installation, convenience to transportation and compact appearance.

System Key Features

Open Standard

  • DMR Trunking Lite is based on DMR tier III standard which was defined by ETSI in 2005.
  • With the help of dedicated control channel, DMR Trunking Lite can achieve versatile functions.

Integrated RF System

  • Integrated 2-carrier RF system, significantly saves the BS space and reduces the cost of divider, combiner and duplexer.

IP Architecture

  • All devices are based on IP architecture to ensure flexible networking and system expansion.

Open API

  • Open API satisfies further development based on different customers' need, such as billing system, e-mail gateway, etc.

Non-centralilzed Structure Design

  • Non-centralized structure can be used in 1 up to 5 base stations network to ensure a cost-effective and flexible network.

Smooth Migration

  • DMR Trunking Lite transceiver supports smooth migration from conventional to trunking. Multi-modes provide customers different choices for continual investment.

Versatile Services

  • Voice services, data services, priority, late entry, call back, recording, PSTN call, ESN check, authentication, E2EE, kill, GPS, emergency alarm, etc.

Interconnection with Other Systems

  • Different gateways support the interconnection between DMR trunking and other system, such as PSTN gateway, analog conventional gateway, MPT gateway, DMR conventional gateway, etc.


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