KR11 Plus 1-10kVA

KR11 Plus 1-10kVA

  • Single Phase Online Transformer-free UPS (1-10kVA)

  • The KR smart high frequency online UPS uses full digital control technology and the latest high frequency converter technology and has high efficiency, high power factor and other advantages.

  • Highlights:

    • It has significant energy savings and greatly reduces operation costs.
    • It has integrated functions such as AC regulation, backup power supply, surge protection, and;
    • Other functions to provide protection to equipment in harsh power grid environments and provide clean, safe, and stable power to loads.

    Key Features:

    Full Digital Control Technology:

    • Utilizes advanced DSP control technology, precision and fast data processing and has fast fault self-diagnosis and processing capabilities, as well as complete self-protection functions with high reliability
    • Improved circuit integration, optimized circuit designs, improved anti-interference capabilities, and stabler performance

    Excellent Performance, Outstanding Metrics:

    • Industry’s leading overall system efficiency; overall full load system efficiency of up to 95% and half load efficiency of up to 90%; huge energy savings and greatly reduces client’s operation costs
    • Output power factor can reach as high as 1; industry leading performance, better loading capacity for the same power; cost effective and low system investment costs
    • High power density, optimized structural design, rack thickness as low as 2U, smaller and more convenient, and reduces space usage
    • Flexible battery configurations, supports 16-20 batteries configured in any way, improves the life cycle of old batteries and improves maintenance efficiency (6KVA models and above)

    Great Power Grid Environment Adaptability:

    • Ultra wide input voltage range, adaptable to different usage environments; use in harsh power environments with ease
    • Self adaptive to input frequency (50/60Hz), constant monitoring of power grid frequency; smart setup-free operation
    • Mains power grid is prioritized to prevent frequent switching between mains and battery to extend battery life


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