PA 5120PQ (120W)

PA 5120PQ 120W Mixer power Amplifier

This PA 5120PQ series, the latest and easiest conference system with superb performance and elegant design, can be used for various conferencing.

  • PA 5120PQ (120W) or PA 5120P2 (240W) can provide power for up to 50 conference units. It can also connect with power extension supply for more units based on actual requirement.
  • PA 5120PQ series provides the unique features of pre-mixer, amplifier, sound effect processor, making it high reliability.
  • All products and accessories are gone through strict testing from BXB’s certified ISO 9001 factory and many international certifications, such as RoHS, UKAS, CE, LVD, EMC BSMI and etc.


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