Low voltage BRUSHLESS electromechanical gear motor for extremely heavy duty. Irreversible.

  • For swing gates with gate leaf up to 5 m.

  • Technical Features:

  • Power line supply: 230V AC - 50Hz
  • Motor power supply: 36V
  • Power rating: 200W
  • Frequency of use: Intensive use
  • Thrust: 600 - 7000N
  • Operating temperature: -20+55°C
  • Protection level: IP43
  • Reductor Type: Irreversible
  • Manoeuvre speed: 1,66 cm/s
  • Opening time at 90°: 25-40 s
  • Stroke: 370 mm
  • Encoder: Digital native encoder SENSORLESS 48 PPR
  • Limit switch: Mechanical stopper in opening and closing
  • Operating cycles per day (opening/closing - 24 hours no stop): 1000 cycles
  • Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H): 1162 x 116 x 165
  • Product weight packed (Kg): 16.5
  • Number items per pallet: 36

  • Dimensions and Predisposition:

    Standard Accessories:

  • MC782: Kit 2 mechanical stop SMARTY series.

  • KKT237: Kit 3 hinge plates short, to weld, for series SMARTY5 - SMARTY5/R.

  • Downloads

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