Transformer-based UPS FR-UK33 Series (10-600kVA)

Transformer-based UPS FR-UK33 Series (10-600kVA)

  • 3 Phase Online Transformer-based UPS (10-600kVA)

  • The KEHUA FR-UK series medium/high power UPS uses the industry’s tried and tested phase-controlled rectification technology and power components and inverter module with excellent performance.

  • Highlights:

    • As well as smart multi-mode battery management technology and a variety of power management software along with a reinforced combination cabinet structure to provide high quality and highly reliable uninterruptible sine wave power to loads and is cost effective and has a good user base.

    Key Features:

    Mature Technology, Leading Designs:

    • The output isolation transformer is highly reliable and has strong surge resistance and anti-short-circuit features and provides the maximum protection for the connected key loads
    • Uses the industry’s tried and tested phase-controlled rectification technology and is suitable for use in various harsh industrial power grid environments with very high reliability
    • Reinforced combination cabinet structure with various optional IP grade protection; suitable for various harsh industrial environments
    • Optimized circuit design, improved circuit integration and anti-interference capabilities with more stable performance

    Independent Dual Air Channel Structure:

    • Dual air channel design with good heat dissipation and high cooling efficiency that effectively protects key components and extends UPS usage life

    Key Component Redundancy Design:

    • Redundancy design is used for the working power circuit of the system which effectively improves system operation reliability
    • Lots of redundant power components for powerful overload and short circuit protection capacity to ensure equipment safety

    Very Strong Electrical Grid Adaptability, Use with Ease in Harsh Electrical Environments:

    • Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range with extremely good power grid adaptability
    • Avoids frequent switching between power grid/battery. Even when using unstable AC power (such as emergency power in factories, diesel generators), unnecessary switching between power grids and battery can be avoided which extends battery life


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