Ulti Series


The Haute CoutureLighting Control that Caresses Every Sense

Deliveringlighting controlas its high-fashion best, ULTI switches' unique blend of exquisite style and patented innovation is fast becoming a modern classic. With mechanical switches that look and feel like electronic switches and electronic switches that are easy to install as mechanical switches, one-touch scene control has never been easier or more elegant. Ultimately, ULTI takes sensual enjoyment to bold new heights in terms of not only looks, but also touch and mood.

ULTI Impress
  • Haute Couture switches for trend setting elite. A fully flush-faced mechanical switch that looks and operates like an electronic switch made possible by the patented mechanism of "impress".
ULTI EZinstall
  • Haute couture retrofit RF lighting control system. The patented ULTI EZinstall is a 2-wire retrofit lighting control system which can replace mechanical switches without rewiring, enable scene control instantly.
  • Switch-like control devices for the C-Bus interoperable system that can be used to manage lighting, electrical equipments, audiovisual equipments and other electronic and electrical systems.
  • Extra-low-voltage control wallplate with RJ45 socket to provide easy and secure connection to the latest hotel management systems.
ULTI EPIC Organizer
  • Instant plug'n'play connection for electronic gadgets to the in-room AV systems helps hotels to provide differentiating enjoyment for all "digitized" modern travellers .


  • Award-winning designerswitchrange
  • Slim profile, clean lines, LED backlight, and maximized space to show off exquisite materials and finishing.
  • Comprehensive range includingelectro-mechanical switches, scenecontrol systems,control devicesfor interoperable system, and products for specialized applications - all in an aesthetic consistency made possible by applying technological innovations.
  • Available in glass, metal and painted plastic finishes.


  • Residential, commercial and hotel applications
  • British, American and Australian installations
  • Flush- or surface-mounted installations


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