X1 / X1P Entry Level Phones

Reliable. Affordable. Full-Featured

  • Fanvil X1 / X1P is an entry-level, cost-effective professional desktop IP Telephone.

  • Coupled with basic features including 2-lines, 3-party conference function, easy-to-read backlight Lattice display, it deftly meets the affordability and reliability requirements of any budget.

  • Features:

    • Clear Backlight Screen
      • The generously large 128X48 pixel Lattice screen gives a clear 4-line display, enables quick access to more visual information at a glance. With backlight, the screen is easy-to-read even in weak light conditions.
    • 2-Line Operation
      • You can dial and receive calls through two different SIP lines, which greatly enhance your efficiency and flexibility.
    • Support 3-Way Conference
      • 3-Way conference enables you to have a teleconference with two other parties, delivering more powerful and flexible session management.
    • Effortless Configuration
      • The IP phone features web-based configuration via phone and computer, bringing additional convenience and increasing productivity.
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet) Integrated
      • 10/100 Mbps with PoE (X1P only) integrated, free of power cables reduces number of wires on your desk and enables you to install the Ip phone with ease.


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