X5S IP phone

3.5" Color Screen + DSS Screen; The Best Choice for Enterprise

  • The X5S IP phone is a dynamic business communications tool for superior voice communications and extended DSS screen functionality.

  • It has a faster, more responsive interface than the X3/X4 and offers better overall performance.
  • The X5S is a 6-line IP phone and 3.5 inch large color screen.

    • What's more, the X5S is built with Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling.
    • Plus, with an all-new USB port, the X5S boasts unparalleled functionality and expansibility with Bluetooth, USB recording features.


  • 3.5" Main Color Screen + DSS Color Screen, Smart and Friendly User Interface
    • The new X5 combines the advantages of existing enterprise phone UI design experience with color screen.
    • The UI appearance and operating experience have a qualitative leap.
  • All-in-One = SIP Phone + DSS Extension Module
    • X5S has 8 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions up to five pages at virtualized total 40 DSS keys.
    • Carry the Function of LCD Extension Module by itself.
  • Support Bluetooth with USB Dongle; Better experience for Enterprise
  • Support EHS Wireless Headset
    • Support EHS Wireless Headset, Professional Enterprise VoIP phone.
  • High-functionality Equipped for Office Working
    • Support 6 SIP Lines Registration
    • Multi-angle Setup to Meet Various Working Environment
    • HD Voice Full Duplex Speaker
    • RJ9 Headset Port
  • Web Page with Mobile Phone
    • Scan X5S screen QR code to get into web page. Web page access with mobile phone at anytime, anywhere
  • Phone Hotspot
    • Several phones share one number from server, and each phone has its extension number to contact/transfer/conference others.


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