Neo Series


NEOhas distinctive horizontal operation design and is the first mechanical switch with blue and white LED locators.

NEO comprehensively includes wiring devices and control systems:


Switch-like control devices for the C-Bus interoperable system that can be used to manage lighting, electrical equipment, A/V equipment and other electronic and electrical systems.


Extra-low-voltage control wallplate with RJ45 socket to provide easy and secure connections for hotel management systems.


The award-winning NEO range of switches and sockets is:

  • Distinctive in its horizontal operation design
  • Futuristic in its styling including LED locators and indicators
  • Includes a comprehensive range of electro-mechanical switches, scene control systems, control devices for interoperable system, and products for specialized applications
  • Provides coordinated Mix-and-Match functionalities
  • Available in Silver-Grey and White-on-White colors


NEO switches and sockets are designed for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hotels

Can be used for flush-mounted or surface-mounted installations.


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