PowerLogic PowerView

PowerView is compatible with the following devices:
PM9C, PM210, PM500, ION6200, PM710, PM750, PM810, PM820, and PM850 meters, Micrologic P and Micrologic H trip units, and TORO MC devices.

PowerView™ offers a wide range of functions:

  • Automated data acquisition from compatible devices
  • Microsoft MSDE data warehouse
  • Backup/restore database management
  • Historical tabular data into Microsoft Excel
  • Historical trending
  • Reporting
  • Interval PC-based historical logging
  • TCP/IP, serial communications
  • Pre-defined meter onboard data log retrieval


Make sure you don't miss anything.
PowerLogic PowerView software helps you:
  • reduce power costs
  • increase the productivity of your facility by optimizing the operation of your electrical installation.


  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Cost allocation and sub-billing
  • Remote monitoring of electrical installation
  • Load studies and circuit optimization
  • Harmonic monitoring (THD)
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment monitoring. 


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