Architectural Dimmers

The CBUS Professional Dimmers is a high power multi channel dimmers suitable for day to day high powered dimming applications such as in hotels, pubs, restaurant etc providing right from 3 Amp per channel to 20 Amp per channel. The no. of channels varies from 3 , 6 and 12 channels.

The units is a cbus controlled, high power,multi phase control dimmer which is compatible with wide range of load types.Dimming is achieved through a highly efficient leading edge phase control/ trailing edge phase control technique. Channel derating for use with Electronic transformer load is not required.

The professional dimmer provides on-board MCB protection, thermal overload protection, individual modular output channel module allowing inter-leaved 3 phase wiring and also provides total flexibility to customize/configure the dimmer to suit particular needs.

The Dimmer provides local toggle buttons and status indicators. A maintained active output is provided on each channels for emergency lighting.

Features of the CBUS Professional Dimmer

  • Interchangeable and field replaceable individual dimming
  • Channel modules
  • Emergency lighting output available on each channel
  • On-board MCB protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Soft start operation
  • Cool and quiet fan-less operation
  • Manual dimmer bypass switch included on channel modules
  • Local C-Bus override switches
  • Supplied with easy-mount wall bracket
  • Generous mains supply terminals and load terminals
  • Channel Status indicators visible from front control panel
  • External RJ45 C-Bus connectors (3 off)
  • External four way phoenix style connectors (2 off - one for C-Bus, one for Remote Override)
  • Tested to and comply with Australian Standard for light


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