Call Center Solution

P-Series PBX System Call Center Solution

  • Everything SME needs from a call center to Deliver exceptional customer service Maximize agent efficiency

  • Customer expectations have soared. Purpose-built for SMEs to fulfill more sophisticated communication needs, P-Series PBX System is a converged system to wrap a suite of services around, including voice, mobility, presence, web application, collaboration, and more.

  • Stronger Data, Easier Management

  • Get access to 8 advanced call center reports.

  • Easily spot issues and opportunities in your call center with comprehensive view of agent-specific operational metrics, call parameters, and panoramic queue statistics.

  • Features:

    • Automated Call Distribution: Connect customers with the right agents at the right time. Take advantage of advanced automatic routing, 6 pre-defined ACD queueing (ringing) strategies, customizable IVR options and more features that drive faster call resolution.
    • Agent & Supervisor Portal: Provide all the tools your agents and supervisors needed in one single interface. The dynamic, streamlined Queue Panel makes it easy for you to monitor queue traffic, check & switch agent status, and quickly conduct call operations like transfer, monitor, parking – within drag & drop or a simple click.
    • Instant Performance Snapshot: Discover up-to-the-minute call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from the central call center Wallboard. All data are auto-calculated in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly interval for your in-depth call center monitoring, management & optimization.
    • Intelligent Design for Unparalleled User & Management Experience
    • The Full Feature List: From the Must-Haves to the Nice-to-Haves
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