Enerlin’X Com’X


Com’X devices collect energy data throughout the building from : 
  • Electrical distribution devices (meters, switchgear) and Smart Panels 
  • Gas, steam, air or water metering devices
  • Temperature and environmental sensors. 

They deliver the data on local area network (LAN) or to remote servers, to enable :

  • Smart displays : dashboards, historical graphcharts, etc, accessible with just a usual web browser (Com’X510), or remotely thanks to Powerview Remote Access service.
  • advanced processing by StruxureWare™ solutions , such as Energy Operation web service, Power Monitoring Expert, or by third-party Building Management System.


Data collection from up to 64 field devices, each of them connected to either :

  • Modbus over RS485 serial line 
  • Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet 
  • Zigbee wireless digital
  • Configurable logging interval, from every minute to once a month.
  • Data storage duration of several weeks, up to 2 years with Com’X510.

Data publishing leveraging existing infrastructures :

  • Ethernet or Wifi, 
  • GPRS-ready for sites with difficult access to IT network, with high-level data security.
  • Local backup of configuration parameters, data storage in case of communication failure.

Quick fitting into electrical switchboards thanks to DIN rail clipping and profile.

Quick setup and configuration thanks to intuitive HMI :

  • Automatic detection and IP address assignment, by operating system of computers
  • Automatic detection and recognition of Schneider Electric field devices
  • Manual object creation and configuration of third-party field devices
  • Data selection for collection and publication through web pages, accessible with any standard browser.
  • Advanced diagnostics an troubleshooting features


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