Sympholux Lighting Control

Schneider Electric is the only lighting control expert which enables harmonious orchestration via the three platforms:

  • KNX: The standard in interoperability
  • C-Bus: The expert in ambience lighting
  • DALI Control: Optimizing individual control and centralized management

As a result, our unique Sympholux solution remains the optimal way for your business to balance its light and energy needs.

No matter what your building type, location, budget or unique application and needs, no one is more perfectly placed to provide you with an optimized solution than Schneider Electric.


  • Be smarter and greener by optimizing natural light and implementing dimmers, timers, occupancy and motion sensors that will both cut the energy costs and minimize the amount of harmful emissions in the air.
  • Save as much as 60% on operating and maintenance costs and increase the value of your building, installing Sympholux Lighting Control.
  • Achieve ultra-effective operation and management as Sympholux Lighting Control is easy to install and change.
  • Enhance comfort, morale and productivity in offices equipped with lighting control and personal dimming controls.
  • Creates inspiring aesthetics using lighting control to beautify the architecture and interiors.


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