VarPlus Logic

VarPlus Logic has all what you need for the simple and efficient operation of your automatic power factor correction equipment to maintain your power factor.

  • It is a simple and intelligent relay which measures, monitors and controls the reactive energy.
  • Easy commissioning, step size detection and monitoring make it different from others in the market.


VarPlus Logic offers a fast, reliable and safe power factor correction while monitoring the real time data of your system and alerting on preventive maintenance.

Technical data

  • 90-550 V direct voltage input
  • 1A or 5A CT secondary compatible with 15 mA sensitivity
  • 4 quadrant operation – Suitable for operation with energy import and export
  • No restriction in step sequence
  • Inbuilt temperature monitor with fan control and alarm
  • Dedicated alarm contact and fan control relay
  • Automatic initialization and automatic step detection for fast and easy commissioning
  • Communication – RS485 communication in Modbus protocol
  • Digital inputs to control dual cos phi


  • Active, reactive & apparent power (kW, kVA, kvar)
  • Power factor, voltage and current
  • Total voltage harmonic distortion & individual harmonics up to 19th harmonic
  • Present cabinet temperature and maximum temperature since reset
  • Step data monitoring


  • Over/under voltage, low/high current, under/over compensation alarms
  • Faulty step alarm with step number
  • Individual step derating of capacitor indicator
  • High temperature alarm, through an internal thermal sensor
  • Total harmonic distortion alarm at 7% THDu
  • Operational hours & operational counter alarm
  • Hunting alarm

Mechanical data

  • Flush mounting
  • Degree of protection - IP 41 (front) & IP 20 (rear)


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